EA: We’ve Been Able to Get to Platforms With More Titles of High Quality Than Most Everyone Else


With next-gen consoles looming on the horizon, some might be wondering whether EA’s output will be different given the new systems, and how this will affect the publisher’s platform strategy moving forward.

In the latest EA quarterly earnings call held today, EA was asked exactly this given there’s so many new platforms to launch on in the coming months. According to the publisher, this isn’t really an issue given EA has been able to get to platforms with more games of “high quality” compared to everyone else.

Andrew Uerkwitz (Oppenheimer): One kind of big picture one very near-term, a big picture question. With so many different new platforms to launch on, should we expect sort of the cadence between titles to kind of lengthen and going forward, kind of dig into the catalog and find things that either could be brought back to life or remastered, or how does the broader platform strategy affected — how should we think about it affecting future game development?

Andrew Wilson (EA CEO): Yes, absolutely. I would say, the strength of Electronic Arts is built on our ability to be platform agnostic. We’ve been able — throughout our history, we’ve been able to get to platforms with more titles of high quality than most everyone else in the industry. It is a position we’re very proud of and we continue to drive against that. Six or seven years ago, we anticipated that to be many more new platforms we would have to build on over time and that ultimately cloud would also emerge as its own platform across a number of different companies or portals. And part of the reason we moved the organization to a single digital platform, single ID, single commerce, single data, single infrastructure, single security, and we moved the organization to a single engine in Frostbite was in anticipation of this.

So, as these new platforms come online, we’re able to get to them more quickly and more efficiently and at higher quality than maybe our competitors can, who are working on multiple platforms and multiple engines and actually really use our scale to our advantage and our ability to do that. And what you’re seeing from us now is our ability to get to console and new consoles and PC, Steam and Stadia and mobile, and you should expect that we — and Switch. And you should expect that we will continue to look to deliver great content on any and all new platforms that we think have the ability to reach critical mass of gamers.

Do you agree with Wilson or is he overstating the games EA has published recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “EA: We’ve Been Able to Get to Platforms With More Titles of High Quality Than Most Everyone Else

  1. I wouldn’t call them high quality… CDPR or DONTNOD makes games that feel like polished and finished artworks. EA just mass produces unfinished crap with shiny label.

  2. There has not been a single EA game this generation which I looked at and thought ‘I absolutely must have that’. After Mass Effect and Dead Space ended its been downhill since. I know some like Titanfall but I got tired before that came.

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