Elgato Gaming Interview – Empowering Content Creators

If you’re into capturing or streaming gameplay, you’ll no doubt be familiar with Elgato Gaming. In the past, Elgato’s gaming division focused purely on gameplay capture, however, as gaming content has evolved, so has the range of products they offer. In addition to the Elgato HD60, HD60S and HD60 Pro, there are now stream-enhancing devices like the Stream Deck and Green Screen, as well as the Cam Link, which turns almost any camera into a webcam. Then there’s the recently announced Elgato 4K60 Pro, which will allow users to “capture 4K at 60fps. Flawlessy.”

We had a brief chat with Elgato Gaming’s Senior Partnerships Manager Miguel Lozada, asking him a few general questions, before hitting him with some more technical queries. We also tried to get more details on the Elgato 4K Pro, but alas, those secrets remain safe for now. 

MP1st: First off, as you’re the Senior Partnerships Manager, do you have any information on how content creators can become partners with Elgato Gaming?

Lozada: Best way is to apply via the partnerships application page: https://www.elgato.com/en/gaming/partnerships

I’d advise having everything updated on your YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, etc. before applying to make sure we are seeing everything up to date.

MP1st: You’ve moved from more “simple” gameplay capture solutions to helping to enable quick-and-easy streaming. What has influenced that move?

Lozada: We believe in empowering content creators. While leading the way for simple gameplay recording and streaming, we connect with the community and understand that it’s more than just a capture device that you need. We hope with the addition of Stream Deck, people will create new ways to engage the viewers and create unique content to be experienced. The recently announced Cam Link and Green Screen are just additional examples of how we wanted to empower content creators. With Green Screen, we want to make professional looking chroma keying easier for users. With Cam Link we hope to level up the quality of on camera content. This device will help those that want to use something better than what’s out in the market for webcams. Our goal is to help everyone create content with simple and efficient products.  

MP1st: What stages of testing do your products go through? I know a lot of streamers who get early access (though they don’t tell me what exactly! #NDA) How helpful has community feedback been?

Lozada: We take pride in our work and would never release something that wasn’t up to our own high standards. When it comes to community feedback, this is something we appreciate and take to heart. We are always asking creators of all sizes for feedback. We like knowing we can ask the community for honest and constructive feedback, and will often send pre-release products to users to get more in the field feedback to support our internal QA efforts.

MP1st: With the Elgato Cam Link using an HDMI input, is it possible to record gameplay with the device? (Assuming the player split the HDMI out from their console/PC.) With 1080p60 support, and a presumably sufficient bit rate, this should be possible?

Lozada: Yes, the Cam Link can act like a game capture card if you wish. We don’t recommend, due to needing an additional HDMI splitter, but it’s definitely possible.

MP1st: The 4K60 Pro will be compatible with PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and PC, correct? 

Lozada: Correct.

MP1st: This is a bit of unusual one, but perhaps you’ve tested it! If you hook a PS4 Pro up to the 4K60 Pro, which then runs to a 1440p monitor, are you able to select a 4K output on the PS4 Pro. I ask this, because those using 1440p monitors with a PS4 Pro are currently limited to a 1080p output. Will the Elgato 4K60 Pro help enable 4K (downsampled) gaming on lower res monitors?

Lozada: More info soon. 

MP1st: What’s next for Elgato Gaming? Are there other streaming solutions in the work?

Lozada: Can’t say much right now but we are always exploring how we can help content creators. We have a pretty packed roadmap and are open to further suggestions!

A big “thank you” to Miguel Lozada for taking the time out to answer our questions. For more on Elgato Gaming, check out the official website here

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