Elite Dangerous Update 1.47 July 17 Patch Released for Future Bug Fixes

Elite Dangerous Update 1.47 july 17
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While commanders just got a big Elite Dangerous patch earlier this week, Frontier Developments has released the Elite Dangerous update 1.47 July 17 patch for consoles. As expected, there’s no new content in this, and was released for future fixes per the studio.

Elite Dangerous update 1.47 July 17 patch notes:

Here’s the message from the dev team:

Greetings Commanders,

Thanks for your feedback on theĀ latest patch! We understand that some of the changes had unexpected effects and want to address them:

Overlapping Hotspots Commodity Distribution
With Patch 3 we implemented a change that was primarily intended to bring down the effects of multiple overlapping hotspots, especially on rarer commodities (such as Low Temperature Diamonds). We’re currently looking at data from the live game to determine the actual impact that it is having and will review this based on our projections. If the data does not meet our expectations we will be making changes accordingly.

One of the most noted points of feedback we’ve seen so far is that the rarity of Tritium has been negatively impacted. We’d like to make it clear that any negative impact on locating and mining Tritium is unintentional and the intention is for Tritium to remain as accessible as it was prior to Patch 3.

Limited Purchasing on Fleet Carriers
Fleet Carrier purchase orders are now limited to a maximum order of 2bn Credits. This was omitted from the patch notes and we apologise for any confusion this has caused.

Console Players
A small update will take place tomorrow around midday for Xbox and Playstation users. This update won’t contain any noticeable changes, but lays the groundwork for future bug fixes.

Finally, we would like to thank you all for your great feedback, we have been listening and watching and we appreciate your patience and support.

o7 Commanders.

Yep, that’s it for this Elite Dangerous update 1.47 July 17 patch. Note that this rolled out for consoles only.

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