Elite Dangerous Update 1.57 Flies Out for Fixes This September 28

Elite Dangerous Update 1.57

Frontier Developments has released the Elite Dangerous update 1.57 patch for consoles this September 28, and this brings in a host of new fixes. The full patch notes can be seen below courtesy of the dev team.

Elite Dangerous Update 1.57 Patch Notes:

  • A fix has been implemented for engineered weapons dealing extreme amounts of damage.
    • Console players can no longer go Supersize for an extra ‘X credits’ (McDonald’s references? Come on, Sally…).
    • Other issues with values/damage multipliers across regular weapons have also been addressed.
  • A fix has been implemented to address an issue whereby extremely large value combat bonds would be displayed incorrectly, preventing hand-in.
    • This issue actually looked more like you were being swindled by Interstellar Factors for an overinflated number of credits. This was actually an issue with how the game was choking a bit on really high numbers.
  • Top bounties now display correctly in each system.
    • No more ‘fake news’ with crime stats.
  • Improvements have been made to material fragments when they are mined from deposits.
    • This will reduce the likelihood of fragments getting stuck inside asteroids.
  • Fix for a server crash.
    • Again, one of those infamous blips which in ‘server land’ definitely aren’t random, but they’re a bit complex to run through in the notes here

The last patch, which was released last week, include major fixes for both the PC and console versions. Check it out here.

Source: Frontier forums

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