ELITE Devs Confirm MW3 DLC for Paid PS3 Members Before Regular Xbox 360 Users, ELITE PC Details

Beachhead Studios, the developers behind the Call of Duty: ELITE service, gives the final verdict on when PS3 ELITE owners will receive DLC compared to other platforms and describes the challenges of integrating ELITE with the PC.

First, there has been some confusion regarding when PS3 ELITE premium (paid) members will be receiving their DLC. Statements were made and then retracted by official sources. Recently, while an exact date has yet to be given, Beachhead Studios stated that “Premium ELITE members get DLC before non-premium.” This means “PS3 ELITE premium members get DLC before XBOX non-premium,” to be clear. To get a bit of an idea of the schedule of events, read here.

PC users may still be out of luck when it comes to the ELITE service making it to PC, but the team is working hard on the issue. They have stated to be having “internal discussions about how to refactor PC for ELITE.” For now, “the PC version of ELITE is delayed while we continue to work on security issues.” The studio has also recently commented on the issues they are currently facing: “the [PC] platform results in a lot of difficulties when it comes to competition and statistics. This is especially true due to the dedicated server support — something the community really wanted.” They continued, “please realize that this is the side effect to the many benefits you get from playing on that platform.”

Make sure to stay tuned to MP1st as an official DLC release date for PS3 ELITE Premium members and updates on ELITE for PC become available. For now, why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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