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Battlefield 5 US and JP Factions Arrive in Secret, Firestorm Respawn System Being Worked On News 0

News 0 Looking forward to new factions in Battlefield 5? It seems DICE has sneakily slotted in the Battlefield 5 US faction, and the Japan faction in its latest patch. Thanks to Battlefield dataminer temporyal, we get to see evidence of this, plus pictures of unreleased gadgets, news on being a Battlefield 5 Firestorm respawn feature and […]

Modern Warfare 3 – Elite Clan Emblem Unlocks To Be Added Soon? News 20

News 20 Moriarty1975 posted on our forums two images showing that new Modern Warfare 3 emblems have been added to the Clan Level Unlocks section on Elite. The new emblems will be unlocked as your clan earns more XP, see images below. It’s still unknown when the emblems will go live in-game, but they should be unlocked retrospectively. Levels 1 – 4 Levels […]

Call of Duty: Elite 100K Event, Vengeful Beast, Goes Live April 14th News 4

News 4 Last month, Beachhead Studios kicked off the first Call of Duty: Elite 100K event in which Elite Premium members could win up to $100,000 worth of prizes including a snowmobile, an ATV, and a scuba adventure trip to hawaii with a Pearl Harbor battleship tour. Starting tomorrow, April 14th at 2:00 PM PDT/11:00 AM EST […]

Extremely Racist Video Sneaks Into CoD: Elite TV Theater Staff Picks News 30

News 30 Viewers of Call of Duty: Elite TV were struck with a rather unfortunate surprise today on the Staff Picks section of Elite TV Theater. A rather disturbing video titled “Final War – Aryan Pride” featuring images of Hitler, the KKK and other symbols of hate has somehow made it into the Staff Picks section of Elite […]

ELITE Devs Confirm MW3 DLC for Paid PS3 Members Before Regular Xbox 360 Users, ELITE PC Details News 20

News 20 Beachhead Studios, the developers behind the Call of Duty: ELITE service, gives the final verdict on when PS3 ELITE owners will receive DLC compared to other platforms and describes the challenges of integrating ELITE with the PC. First, there has been some confusion regarding when PS3 ELITE premium (paid) members will be receiving their DLC. […]

MW3 – Elite Refunds Possible – Current Elite Status is “Intermittent” News 2

News 2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been the biggest launch in the series yet and includes a brand new social network called Call of Duty Elite to bring these millions of fans together. However, as stated by officials, the Elite team is “having trouble scaling the service to meet demand.” “Many of you are trying […]

MW3 Elite Clans Can Earn Double XP Weekends – Paid Elite Members Contribute More – Clan Cap is 100 News 10

News 10 Noah Heller, Product Manager at Beachhead Studios, reveals some of Modern Warfare 3’s features. In a recent interview, Noah Heller shed some light on the new clan system by saying, Clans have levels so you can level your clan up. If you max out your clan’s level, you unlock a weekend of double XP for […]