ESL Opens Up to Titanfall eSports Tournaments After Introduction of Private Lobbies

Titanfall is fostering a bit of a competitive scene over in Europe since the recent introduction of private lobbies.

The Electronic Sports Leagues (ESL) has made the announcement that it is now “able to get started and bring you Titanfall on ESL!”

“Finally it’s there – the new lobby system on Titanfall! Are you ready for it? Faster than thought we, the new admin team, are able to get started and bring you Titanfall on ESL! So get up your controller, jump into your Titan and let’s go! Stay ready for Titanfall!!!

One month after the release of Titanfall we are able to announce good news for anybody who’s ready to play this game competitively! Finally, Respawn Entertainment brought an update making private lobbies available for Titanfall. This means we, your new admin team, are able to do our duty!”

Be sure to follow ESL Titanfall on Twitter for updates on competitive Titanfall matches and tournaments.

Excited for some competitive Titanfall? Do you see a future for it in the eSports scene?

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