The Elder Scrolls Online Patch 3.2.9 Fixes Combat-Related Issues, World Boss Daily Quests & More

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The Elder Scrolls Online has received a new update for PC. Update 3.2.9 is roughly 164MB in size. This patch focuses on combat-related issues, world boss daily quests and more.

For the full list of patch notes, see below:

Alliance War & PVP


  • Fixed an issue where Mark of the Worm was not being removed from some players at the end of a Battleground match.



  • The second Omnivox alarm after you go over the bridge for the quest “Lost in the Gloam” is no longer a silent alarm.

Combat Fixes & Improvements


  • Fixed an issue where using a charge ability from stealth would not correctly update your position or subsequent actions to enemy players.

Champion System

  • Fixed an issue where some 10, 30, 75, or 120-point unlock abilities were still functioning in non-Champion Point PvP campaigns.

Quests & Zones


  • You will once again be able to receive your own world boss daily quests in Wrothgar and Vvardenfell even if you had recently completed a different one shared by another player.

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Source: The Elder Scrolls Online (Official)