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Bethesda E3 2018 Showcase Dated for June 10 News 0

News 0 With EA kicking off the E3 event announcements last month, it’s just a matter of time until others follow suit. Today, Bethesda, the publisher behind Fallout, DOOM and more, have announced when they’ll be hosting their E3 press conference! In a video, the company announced that the Bethesda E3 2018 showcase is set for June […]

New The Elder Scrolls Online DLC to Drop in 2018 News 0

News 0 The Elder Scrolls Online is being expanded upon even more in 2018 with three new DLCs and quality of life improvements for characters and your homestead. The first DLC is titled Dragon Bones, and is “Nord-based in theme, with each of the two dungeons expanding upon the lore of that region.” Following Dragon Bones is […]

Quake Champions Patch Listed, Free Winter Holiday Rewards Announced News 0

News 0 Quake Champions players, there’s a bunch of stuff you’ll want to know about the game ASAP! Not only is there a new Quake Champions patch out now, but Bethesda has also announced the studio’s plans for the game this holidays. First off, the Quake Champions patch should already be out, and according to id Software, […]

TGA 2017: “Save the Single-Player Gamer” Trailer Brings the Laughs and the Deals News 0

News 0 While MP1st is a multiplayer-focused site, we do play and appreciate a lot of single-player games. With more and more games going the “Games as a Service route” (GaaS), Bethesda has made a trailer that wants to #SavePlayer1 and was rolled out during The Game Awards. The video’s hosted by Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), and […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Patch 3.2.9 Fixes Combat-Related Issues, World Boss Daily Quests & More News 0

News 0 The Elder Scrolls Online has received a new update for PC. Update 3.2.9 is roughly 164MB in size. This patch focuses on combat-related issues, world boss daily quests and more. For the full list of patch notes, see below: Alliance War & PVP Battlegrounds Fixed an issue where Mark of the Worm was not being […]

Quake Champions Update Tweaks Netcode, Fixes Gameplay Issues & More News 0

News 0 Bethesda is rolling out an update for Quake Champions, which focuses on fixing many issues, including: enemy death markers which would linger on the death screen, warm-up spikes causing issues with “jittering” champions, and much more. Find the full list of patch notes below: ‘Netcode’ / Performance Fix for random miss-hits for players that have […]

New Elder Scrolls Online Update Is 37GB on Xbox One, Adds Huge Amount of Content News 0

News 0 Elder Scrolls Online has received a very substantial update coming in at roughly 37GB on Xbox One and 24.8GB on PS4. The PC patch rolls in at 208MB.  The console update introduces the Clockwork City, with new quests, two new world bosses and two delves. There’s also 12 new item sets, two new Motifs, 200 […]

Doom Nintendo Switch Release Date Announced in New Developer Video News 0

News 0 The Nintendo Switch version of Doom is coming sooner than you might think! Bethesda has just announced the Doom Switch release date of November 10.  Along with the release date, a new developer video is available to view. id Software’s creative director Hugo Martin and executive producer sit down to discuss the many features that players will experience. This […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Patch 1.27 Is Now Live, Horns of the Reach Content & Game Changes Detailed News 0

News 0 The Elder Scrolls Online update 1.27 is now live across all systems. It implements the Horns of the Reach content, as well as a plethora of tweaks and improvements to the game.  If you’re unaware of what the Horns of the Reach update contains, here’s a brief overview: In this update, you’ll be able to explore and conquer […]

Player Freedom vs. Linear Gameplay – Major’s Take News 0

News 0 Continuing our support of the Pixel Enemy community and bringing the very best submissions to you here on MP1st, we’d like to draw attention to this video by Major. As games have evolved, we’ve seen many titles embrace the open world, giving players more space to explore. However, some games still like to keep gamers on a […]

Brink on PC Is Now Free-To-Play (Yes, That Brink!) News 1

News 1 Well, this is a weird one, but a good kind of weird! Brink, which came out over six years ago, is now free-to-play on PC. You can head on over to Steam, add the game to your cart, and install it. I’ve just done it myself! I’m not sure why Bethesda has decided to do this, […]

Quake Champions Steam Early Access & Release Happening Next Week News 0

News 0 Prior to its free-to-play full release, Quake Champions is going to made available on Steam and in an “early access” state. This post-beta (but pre-“proper”-release) launch demands $29.99 from players to access. You might be wondering why Bethesda is asking for money upfront for what is supposed to be a free-to-play title. I mean, I’d be asking […]