The Elder Scrolls Online Patch Targets Long Loading Screens, Fixes Clockwork City Content Issues & More

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The Elder Scrolls Online latest patch targets long loading screens and implements a temporary fix. It also addresses crashing issues, and more.

You can find the full list of patch notes below:

Combat & Gameplay


– All Spider Daedra have renounced their vows of non-violence and once again fight back against their enemies.

Crown Store & Crown Crates


– Fixed an issue where the Ebony Brassilisk pet was visible in your collections menu before you actually acquired it.

Dungeons & Group Content


– Fixed an issue that prevented you from queuing for some DLC-specific dungeons when using the Grouping Tool.


– Adjusted the following Trial encounters to be more forgiving against player character pets:

– The Warrior

– Vashai and S’Kinrai

– Zhaj’hassa the Forgotten



– Fixed an issue where your game could crash when viewing artificially-created item links in chat.

– Fixed an issue where the PlayStation 4 Pro would not automatically be set to 1080p Enhanced Mode when playing on a 1080p display.

– Fixed an issue that was preventing you from selecting an account when launching ESO while not signed into the PlayStation Network.

Quests & Zones


– You will once again be able to receive your own world boss daily quests in Wrothgar and Vvardenfell even if you had recently completed a different one shared by another player.

Fighters Guild

– Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors will now respawn properly if your character dies in Mzeneldt.

– The Dangerous Past: Sees-All-Colors will once again appear at the beginning of the quest if you were sent there by Bera Moorsmith.



– Fixed an issue where the nameplates from group members could disappear after going through a door together.
– Fixed an issue that was preventing the Lore Library from displaying all known book collections.


– Fixed an issue that was causing the scrolling combat text to appear in the wrong location on the PlayStation 4 Pro in 1080p Enhanced Mode.

Click here to view the full changes, including fixed expansion issues.

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