Everybody’s Golf Update Adds International Tournaments, Improves Performance & More

A new patch for Everybody’s Golf  has been released. Update 1.10 adds International Tournaments and Turf War rewards. In addition to this, the overall game performance has been improved, and the ability to change gear from the menus has been implemented.

It’s not immediately clear what the improved performance does, but we’ll be sure to update the post following any testing. The caparison between PS4 and PS4 Pro should prove most interesting.

For the full list of Everybody’s Golf patch notes, see below.

– Implemented International Tournaments

– Match Play implemented for Game Rooms

– Implemented rewards for Turf War

– Added ability to move between Open Courses

– Added ability to change gear from the menu

– Performance improved

Are you looking forward to testing out the International Tournaments? Or simply receiving rewards after a match of Turf War? Let us know below.

In other news, here are all of the Golden Joystick Awards 2017 winnersOverwatch is currently free to play for the weekend through Monday, and Disney is apparently unhappy with how long EA took action against Star Wars Battlefront II microtransactions, going as far as to threaten the exclusivity deal.

Source: Just Push Start

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