The Basics of Destiny, What You Need to Know – New Video

This two-minute video from Bungie, creators of what’s shaping up to be this generation’s definitive open-world, loot-driven FPS-mixed-with-MMO experience, covers all the essential gameplay elements you can expect of Destiny.

Bungie community manager David Dague, head of community Eric Osborne, and lead designer Lars Bakken walk through some of the basics, like what Destiny is, movement and controls, character abilities, and social experiences. It’s more of a hype-builder than anything, as two minutes isn’t really enough time to paint a proper picture of what Destiny is, nor does it offer new footage, sadly. Nevertheless, it’s always nice hear about what Bungie has in store for gamers this September 9.

For a more in-depth analysis, check out this 14-minute fan-made video that picks apart the smallest details from Destiny’s most recent info blowout. Fans will also get to see much more of the game in action, including competitive multiplayer, at this years E3, just around the corner.

We’ll also get more details on Destiny’s upcoming beta, but we recently learned that it will be taking place this July.

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