Evolve’s ‘Big Alpha’ Lands on Xbox One First on October 30

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Turtle Rock’s asymmetrical 4v1 shooter Evolve is getting a ‘Big Alpha’ this October, coming first to Xbox One on the 30th and arriving on PlayStation 4 and PC just one day later on the 31st. The test will conclude for all platforms on November 2.

According to Turtle Rock co-founder and designer Chris Ashton, the studio plans to use the Alpha to “stress test the servers and the matchmaking system, look at balance, unlock rates, etc.”

“The alpha test is not fully representative of the final product, but it’s our chance to see what the game looks like in the real world, and we will test again in the open beta for Evolve exclusively for Xbox One in January 2015,” he continued. “The data gathered in the tests will help make Evolve the best that it can possibly be when it launches on February 10, 2015.”

As the trailer above states, any one who has or will pre-order the game before the end of this month will gain access to the ‘Big Alpha,’ along with access to the Monster Expansion Pack after launch.

Instructions on how Xbox One users can sign up for priority access and how to snag yourself a chance to get in the Alpha can be found on Evolve’s official website.