Existing USB and Bluetooth Headsets To Run Into Complications With The PlayStation 4

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While you’ll still be able to use your Astro, Turtle Beach or most other third-party gaming headsets for in-game audio with Sony’s new platform, any device that relies on either a USB or Bluetooth connection to chat with other users on the PlayStation 4 will run into a few complications.

A report from GameInformer who spoke with Sony officials suggests that existing headsets using a USB connection for chat won’t work at the time of the PlayStation 4’s launch on November 15. Gamers will need to wait for an update post-launch that will enable the devices to work. This even includes the Sony-branded PULSE gaming headset (regular and elite edition).

Sadly, “any other headset that relies on bluetooth for chat will not work at all,” according to GameInformer.

The situation is similar for future Xbox One owners who will need to wait for an adaptor to allow their headset’s chat function to work with the new Xbox One controllers.

Both platforms will launch with first-party chat headsets out of the box, so you won’t be completely out of luck.

Thanks, GameInformer.