Expect Battlefield 3 Update Sooner Than Later, DICE Explains Big Patch Sizes

EA Community Manager Daniel Matros, talks about the upcoming patch’s release date while Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz, explains the process and why DICE opts for bigger patches.

Many Battlefield 3 fans are asking for a more specific release date for the upcoming “Spring” patch, said to include some brand new game features. Matros was unable to give an exact date, but he did state the “game update will drop before DLC.” He assures that “when there is an ETA I will post it.” Luckily, it seems that we can expect it sooner than later as he admits, “dropping an update in June [same month as DLC] is crazy.” He mentioned the update should be released “very much closer to now.” He added that “with a bit of luck, there is a tentative date coming end of next week. *crossing fingers*”

In response to those upset at DICE’s decision to release a Close Quartes expansion pack, focusing on tight, infantry-based gameplay (more info here), Matros simply and humorously answers, “Armored Kill.” Remember, the second expansion pack, release date TBA, will focus on vehicle warfare and will feature extremely large maps. In fact, it will include “the biggest map in Battlefield history.” So, fans should get a good taste of both worlds in the upcoming DLCs.

You may remember a month or so back we reported on rumors of an All American DLC. Though the source was correct in terms of a release time-frame, Matros has recently confirmed the rumor to be “Fake.”

Alan Kertz was recently asked why DICE opts to release big, spaced-out patches, rather than releasing smaller, more frequent ones, once the bug in question has been fixed. He explains that it is “not possible due to the overhead of the patch process and the interdependency of patch fixes.”

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