F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.06 for August 29 Skids Out for Version 1.6

F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.06

F1 Manager 2023 update 1.06 (PS5 version 1.006) is out now, and this is for patch version 1.6! This brings new features such as Team Switching, DLSS support for NVIDIA GPUs and more. Read on for the official F1 Manager 2023 patch notes for August 29.

F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.06 Patch Notes | F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.006 Patch Notes | F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.6 Patch Notes:


  • Added Team Switching
  • Expand your legacy across the whole paddock by choosing to manage a new team at the end of a season
  • Added DLSS support for NVIDIA GPUs
  • Added FSR support for AMD GPUs


  • Updated Aston Martin car model
  • Updated Haas car model
  • Added the blue marking to George Russell’s Mercedes
  • Corrected Williams Halo at lower levels of detail


  • General stability improvements
  • Fixed PC-only crash related to DX12
  • Fixed an issue where Epic Store players could not access Deluxe Edition Scenarios after a network error


  • Some teams have had their season objectives adjusted [NEW SAVES ONLY]
  • Mercedes
    • Initial Season Objective: 2nd -> 3rd
    • Constructor’s Championship target season: 2024 -> 2025
  • Alfa Romeo
    • Initial season objective 7th -> 8th
  • Alpha Tauri
    • Initial season objective: 7th -> 8th


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the user being able to continue when hiring a reserve driver at end of season
  • Fixed an issue where car part design and research projects were not generating the appropriate amount of expertise gain when the sliders were moved
  • Fixed an issue where Research Complete emails were not showing an increase in next year’s car stats
  • Fixed an issue where the email about Factory fires ending was sent before the factory reopened


  • Fixed an issue where drivers did not need to use two different tyre compounds after a mid-session save
  • Fixed an issue where drivers would not start pushing for their flying laps early enough on circuits with long straights in Automatic mode
  • Fixed tyre warming behaviour in qualifying so that drivers’ tyres are warm when starting their flying laps
  • Fixed an issue where some drivers were missing driver codes on the standings tower (Sorry Mick!)
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Need to Refuel’ dilemma in Practice and Qualifying would not pause the game
  • Fixed an issue where rain VFX was not present on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles
  • Fixed a rare soft lock if there was a red flag in Practice or Qualifying while the player team’s cars were exiting the pit lane
  • Fixed an issue where Oscar Piastri could be referred to as “Alex” in team comms


  • Fixed an issue where the UI was not anchored to the left/right side of the screen when widescreen is enabled
  • Fixed a soft lock when scrolling through the standings lists in Data View
  • Fixed a rare soft lock when enabling manual control in Qualifying while the tutorial was enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the Data View lists could appear blank during races

In other F1 news, another F1 game, F1 23, also got an update today, which you can read about here.

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