Fallout 76 LFG Hub Gets Built by Fan in Preparation for Vault 94

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In anticipation for the new raid, one dedicated player has decided to build their own Fallout 76 LFG (looking for group) social space right outside of Vault 94.

Created by Reddit user, SouthBeachSarcastic, the social space features shops, storage space, beds, and all other necessity a player may need in preparation for the new raid dropping next Tuesday.

I know it really isn’t much but I truly wanted a social space for everyone to get-together and share their findings, trade gear, meet new people, etc.. At the end of the day, I am only 1 guy working on 1 server but hopefully other like-minded individuals would set up shop so everyone on every server can have access to this kind of service.

SouthBeachSarcastic stated in the short Reddit post.

Currently Fallout 76 doesn’t feature any kind of in-game group finder, making fans resort to their own ways of getting groups together. This no doubt it one of the most impressive ways we’ve seen someone attempt at supplying the community with an LFG tool. If you want to check out the space you can join the user on PC, contact info is located on their Reddit post,, otherwise down below is a gallery showcasing the impressive social space.


The Group Finder Agora, outside Vault 94

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Source: Reddit via PCGamer