Fan-Made Battlefield 4 Video Shows Off Dragon’s Teeth DLC Weapons and Gadgets in Hi-Def

Get a high-definition look at the new weapons and gadgets of Battlefield 4’s upcoming Dragon’s Teeth DLC, courtesy of Battlefield YouTube personality, JackFrags.

With the help of Wirrew and HattiWatti, JackFrags demonstrates the firing and reload animations of all of the new weapons, including the Desert Eagle, SIG MPX, SRSS Bulldog, Mateba Unica 6, McMillan SC5, and Riot Shield. Clearly, some of the sounds and default sights are missing, but they will likely be updated with the official launch of Dragon’s Teeth, which is still unknown. We are getting a peek at the new content rather early, after all.

You also get to see the MAARS remote-controlled bot in action. Beware its machine gun and grenade launcher. Yikes!

If you missed it, the Assignments and Assignment rewards of Dragon’s Teeth were also recently discovered. You can check them all out here.

What do you think of the selection of weapons being offered in Battlefueld 4’s upcoming urban combat-themed DLC? Which one’s your favorite so far?

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