This Fan Made Overwatch Map Was Made by One Student, Go Watch the Video

Have you ever wanted to design your own Overwatch map? Yeah? But have you actually done anything about it though? Well, college student Joshua Llorente has actually created one from scratch all by his lonesome! Yep, a fan made Overwatch map was made by just one person, and it’s fantastic.

Going by the username Joshua12g over on Reddit, Joshua states it took him about two months to create the map, and he’s done it just because he’s a fan of the game, so he didn’t do it for extra credit or anything. Check out a flythrough of the map below.

Will we ever see this Cairo map ever make it into Overwatch? If Blizzard and Joshua can come into an agreement and jump over any legal hurdles, then who knows? This is definitely a step in the right direction for the college student, and who knows? He might one day work for Blizzard, and use this map as part of his resume.

In other Overwatch news, don’t forget to login before January 1, 2018 is over since Blizzard is giving away five free loot boxes for the holidays!

Source: Reddit via GamerProblems

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