Final Fantasy 16 Soundtrack Now Partially Available Online; Here Are the Links

final fantasy 16 soundtrack

Square Enix’s latest AAA title, Final Fantasy 16, is well-received for many things, including its music and soundtrack. And while not all of the game’s songs are currently available just yet, five songs from the Final Fantasy 16 soundtrack have been made available on streaming platforms for players to listen to outside of the game.

The mini-album, titled “FINAL FANTASY XVI Original Soundtrack (Prelude),” contains the following songs: “Land of Eikons,” “The Lion and the Hare – The Nysa Defile,” “To Sail Forbidden Seas,” “My Lady,” and “Find the Flame.” Three of the five songs were composed by FF16’s lead music composer, Masayoshi Soken, with renowned FF franchise composer Nobuo Uematsu also working on “The Lion and the Hare – The Nysa Defile.” Both composers worked together on “Land of Eikons,” the title screen soundtrack for FF16.

While the album only contains five songs, they’re all fairly recognizable, most especially “Find the Flame,” which was used in trailers leading up to FF16’s launch. With full versions of the songs now available in good audio quality, fans of FF16 and the franchise as a whole will have a few more tracks to add to their playlists. You can find links to the album on all streaming platforms here, with the songs available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more.

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