Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Datamine Reveals Weapons and Abilities

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While Square Enix hasn’t officially confirmed the existence of a Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo just yet, the actual game data file is already out in the wild, and have yielded the game’s file size, and even actual gameplay footage, too. Of course, given the game file is out, people have naturally started the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo datamine, and there are loads of stuff to pore over.

Based on datamined info, we now have a partial list of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake weapons and abilities! Before you dive in, note that some of the stuff listed below might be considered spoiler-ish for some, so proceed at your own discretion (they’re just weapons and abilities, but some people still don’t want to know these things beforehand). Also, this isn’t the final list of weapons or abilities, as the files clearly show there’s more incoming.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo weapons:


  • BusterSword
  • IronBlade
  • HardBreaker
  • MythrilSaber
  • TwoPair
  • NailBat


  • GatlingGun
  • AssaultGun
  • AtomicScissors
  • LargeMouth
  • HeartBeat
  • CannonBall


  • LeatherGlove
  • MetalKnuckle
  • FeatherGrab
  • MythrilClaw
  • GrandGrab
  • SonicFist


  • GuardRod
  • SilverRod
  • StrikeRod
  • MythrilRod
  • FullmetalRod

Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo abilities:

  • Aero01
  • Awake01
  • Barrier01
  • Bio01
  • Blizzard01
  • Cakra01
  • Cure01
  • Destruct01
  • EneSkill01
  • Fire01
  • Heal01
  • Libra01
  • Pray01
  • Raise01
  • Reflect01
  • Seal01
  • Steal01
  • Thunder01
  • Time01

Again, this isn’t the final list. We’ll keep an eye out for more datamined info regarding Final Fantasy 7 Remake, so be sure to check back regularly here on MP1st.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be out this March 3, 2020 on the PS4.

Source: roXyPS3