First Battlefield 3 Premium Event Now Live – Double XP

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Members of Battlefield 3’s new Premium service should now be seeing that Double XP multiplier at the end of each match.

As promised only a few days ago, all premium members across the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, from now until early morning of the 25th, should be having all their experience points multiplied by two at the end of each match across all game modes and all maps in Battlefield 3.

This is the first of many Premium events as indicated by the Premium Calendar. It isn’t clear, however, if following events will be XP related, or something completely different.

Last weekend, DICE and EA offered Double XP to all players, Premium or not, in celebration of the release of the Close Quarters expansion pack.

As a reminder, non-Premium PC and Xbox 360 players will have the chance to download the Close Quarters expansion pack in only a few short days, June 26th.

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