First Battlefield 4 Community Mission Wants You To Grab 10 Million Dog Tags

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February is Player Appreciation Month for thousands of gamers enjoying Battlefield 4 on the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

For the entirety of February, developers DICE are handing out a Battlepack a day while throwing in a couple double XP events and community missions, the first of which begins tomorrow, February 5.

Between February 5 at 8am PST/5pm CET and February 11 at 8am PST/5pm CET, DICE wants you to collect as many dog tags from your enemies as possible

“In the first DICE Community Mission we challenge all Battlefield 4 players to collectively grab 10,000,000 dog tags using melee attacks,” writes the studio in a recent blog update. “This mission will run across all platforms. If the objective is completed in time, all participating players will be rewarded with a gold battlepack (handed out on February 20).”

Mission progress will be listed on the Battlelog under the “Missions” tab while the results will be posted on the Battlefield Blog on February 11.

Will you be participating?

Topped off with a number of welcomed improvements, a well-received update for the game launched last week with even more on the way as DICE aims to rebalance a number of weapons, grenades, and vehicles.