First Fortnite Cheaters Case Settled, Accused Must Never Cheat Again

Epic Games isn’t messing around when it comes to punishing Fortnite cheaters. Back in October, Epic began the process of suing two players for repeatedly cheating at the competitive Battle Royale mode. Well, fast forward to today and the first of the two lawsuits has been settled.

Minnesota resident Charles “Joreallean” Vraspir has agreed to terms that require him to “immediately destroy all copies of any cheat software, including, without limitation, aimbots, (collectively, “cheats” or “hacks”) in his possession, custody, or control that can be used to infringe any of Epic’s copyrights or cheat at any of Epic’s games.”

He’s “permanently enjoined and restrained” from doing a bunch of other things, too, mostly to do with working against Epic Games by creating new cheats. You can read the full details here.

Vraspir will not need to pay any immediate fine. However, if he does choose to breach the agreed terms, he’ll need to  fork over $5,000, as well as other “injunctive relief” and fees deemed appropriate by the Court.

The battle between Vraspir and Epic Games should now be over. It ended rather quickly, too, and I think we can expect a similar result with the second lawsuit.

Here’s hoping this discourages cheating in Fortnite and other multiplayer games.

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Source: Torrent Freak

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