First Paid World War Z Weapons DLC Skin Bundle Set for July, New Trailer Showcases Six Skulls Update

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World War Z is set to receive some major content drop sometime within the month as developers Saber Interactive have revealed in their latest trailer.

In a accidentally published video (now taken down), which has been re-uploaded by a different YouTube channel, Saber details the latest free content, which is due to arrive this week. The team over at Saber Interactive has also revealed some of the future content ahead of their July/August release. First up is the World War Z weapons DLC skin bundle, which is slated to release sometimes this month. This will be the first paid DLC content the game will see, and as the name of the paid content suggests, will only be weapon skins, meaning no unfair pay-to-win mechanics.

In addition to this week’s update, we will continue to see the release of free content with what Saber calls a “big update” which is scheduled to include a large number of weapon variants, character skins and accessories which can all be unlocked through gameplay. Tied into this update is also the much anticipated weekly challenge mode, which was announced as part of their roadmap previously along with some difficulty modifiers.

Once the patch is live later this week, we’ll let our readers know.

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