Fix for Modern Warfare 3 Spawn Problems is Top Priority and Gun Balance Discussion

Robert Bowling has emphasized the importance of fixing the spawns in Modern Warfare 3, and he also talked about what guns might receive nerfs and buffs.

Spawn Issues

One of the major problems in Modern Warfare 3 has been the spawn logic as you might have experienced first hand like myself, or you can watch this video showcasing a guy spawn trapping the enemy team to get 144 kills in the match. Fortunately for us this hasn’t gone unnoticed by Infinity Ward. Robert Bowling has made it clear that the spawn system is “a priority” for the team. The next patch, 1.08, will be available by the end of January.

Gun Balance

Although the Type 95 received a marginal nerf a few weeks ago, the 3 burst assault rifle is still deemed to be overpowered. It’s worth mentioning that the last update to the weapon reduced the hipfire accuracy at range. When asked on whether the Type 95 will see any further changes, Robert Bowling explained that the team behind MW3 is “always looking at weapon balancing. It [Type 95] has received a minor nerf already”, but he went on to reassure that the assault rifle is still being monitored. The shotgun category is under the magnifying glass, with a “possible nerf” to the Striker and possible buffs to the other shotguns. Keep in mind that the extended mags added advantage will be addressed regradless of other changes. The FMG9 might also receive another nerf.

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