Former DICE Dev States Battlefield 2042 “Never Stood Much a Chance at Being Great” at Launch

BF 2042 Update 1.43

While Battlefield 2042 might be in a good state right now, it wasn’t always the case. Back when it launched in October 6, 2021, the game was chastised for its bug-filled experience, lack of content, and the way specialists deviated a bit too much from what Battlefield stood for.

Over on Twitter, former DICE Senior Software Engineer (and now Epic Games Senior Backend Engineer) Joakim Bodin commented that the game “never stood much of a chance” at being great at launch.

This game had many iterations, and the deadline never changed much, so never stood much chance being great at launch.

I’m proud though to have pushed hard to have this game have full cross play, progression and (mostly) commerce. It’s online systems will serve future titles well

Interesting to hear this from someone who worked on the game.

As for what’s new to the game, DICE has revealed the full slate of new stuff coming in Battlefield 2042 Season 5 when it launches this June 7.

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3 months ago

Battlefailed. 2042
Bullet penetration ?
Bullet hit reg?
Around corner bullets
Trough mountainbike and rocks bullets
Safe spawn? How??
Vehicel spawn (Rush) how?
No squad tags or [clan] tags.
No options to switch teams
No options to kick campers our of YOUR squad.
Those new maps are stupid. Way to open still after 2042 updates. Way to useless big.
Camp heaven is what these maps are.
Its a solo wannebee super heroe game.
Murdered in development.
A whole scène and community left because of the bad quality it still represent..
And it is not even allowed to comment on this game. Because then developers start crying.

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