Forspoken Magic Combat Lets Player Harness the Power of the Elements

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Luminous Productions and Square Enix have released a new Forspoken Magic Combat deep dive video, explaining Forspoken’s magical combat system. Frey’s Magic Combat allows her to harness the power of the elements, with a powerful arsenal of both offensive and defensive abilities.

Watch the trailer below:

Frey unlocks four elemental magics as the game progresses, each with its own set of attack, support, and parkour skills. While she initially only has access to the the base spells for each element, more powerful spells and upgrades can be unlocked through expending collected Mana to make purchases in the system.

Earth-based Purple Magic is the first elemental magic unlocked, which gives Frey the power to manipulate the earth. The first offensive ability, Shot, launches earth projectiles at enemies, and can be charged up before release for more damage. Burst Shot fires clusters of such projectiles, Scatter Shot unloads a rapid stream of them ending with a power shot, and Shield Shot fashions an earth barrier that Frey can charge at enemies with before releasing it in a damaging explosion. Other Purple Magic spells include Prime (explosive traps), Screen (force field), and Tendril (sweep attack that heals Frey based off damage dealt).

Later in the game, Frey unlocks the fire-based Red Magic, which provides devastating offensive abilities with the melee spell Slice, which equips Frey with a fiery magical blade that can perform additional attacks if charged up. However, with spells like Aegis, which imbues Frey with the strength of fire, and Legion, which spawns fire soldiers that support Frey, Red Magic can effectively used for defense as well.

The Forspoken Magic Combat arsenal is rounded off with the various support spells of Blue and Green magic unlocked later in the game, as well as the Surge Magic burst ability and the Killer Blow finisher move. Frey’s bracelet sidekick additionally provides valuable support, tanking hits for Frey and performing recon to warn Frey of enemy-infested areas and approaching dangers. 

The first Forspoken deep dive video “Magic Parkour” was released on October 27 and focused on Frey’s magic-infused movement abilities, stamina management, and upgrades through completing Spellcraft challenges. The final video in, Forspoken Deep Dive: Exploring Athia, releases on November 10, and will showcase quests, challenges and various activities that players can find and accomplish across the world of Athia.

Square Enix‘s Forspoken comes out January 24, 2023 for PC and PS5, and can be pre-ordered now. Check out the gameplay trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2022, introducing Forspoken’s supporting cast and showing off some truly terrifying dragons.

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