Fortnite 10GB Update Deployed to PS4, Is Unintentionally Massive

Fortnite 10GB Update

Fortnite 10GB update is rolling out to PS4 users (patch 1.53) and it’s causing all kinds of rumors to spread. With talk of the Tilted Towers landing zone being removed, many players have been expecting a big update to drop and shake up the map.

Unfortunately, for those expecting a game-changing patch, update 3.4.4 (known as 1.53 on PS4) is only intended to fix a crash issue that was occurring. Despite its giant size, the Fortnite 10GB update has no other purpose.

The Fortnite 10GB update’s large size is “unexpected,” says Epic Games. The latest comment from the developer states that they are “looking into this issue right now, and apologize for the inconvenience.”

So no Fortnite meteor shower today, it seems!

In other Fortnite news, the game’s April Fool’s Day event was subtle yet fun, there’s a Boogie Down contest that rewards players with their own custom in-game emote, and a new Battle Royale vending machine item has been spotted.

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