Fortnite X Batman Crossover Content Unearthed via the Game Files

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Earlier today, Epic Games released a new Fortnite patch, and to no one’s surprise, it got datamined, and it seems a Fortnite Batman crossover event is happening based on the datamined game files.

Thanks to dataminer Lucas7yoshi (via Dexerto), a ton of Fortnite X Batman crossover content has seemingly leaked ahead of its official reveal. First off, Titled Town seems to be changing to Gotham City — or at least a portion of it.

Not only that, but a host of Batman-themed weapons are coming our way, too! There’s the Batarang, and even a grapple gun both of which should be familiar to Batman fans.

Explosive Batarang – Batman’s Batarang. Homes in on players and sticks to walls. Explodes if it detects enemies in proximity.

Batman Grapnel Gun – Pull yourself towards a target location and then deploy the Bat Cape!

There’s also a host of cosmetic items coming as well.

While no release date has been given, Batman Day for this year is on September 21 (which seems to change from time to time), where DC and Warner Bros. have a host of events planned. It seems one of these events is this crossover with Epic Games’ hit battle royale title.

Of course, Fortnite is no stranger to crossovers. We’ve had one with Thanos and Marvel, and even one with the Bordelands franchise.

Obviously, nothing official has been announced just yet, but given the scope of the leak, it’s just a matter of time until Epic or DC makes it official.