Fortnite Patch for Battle Royale Mode Tweaks Weapons

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It seems just after a day of pushing out a game update for Fortnite, Epic Games is dishing out another one today, but it’s just for Fortnite Battle Royale, and it’s just for the weapons. The official Fortnite forums mentions that there will be no down time expected, nor is there a need to update the game client.

Check out the full Fortnite patch notes for October 6 below.

Battle Royale Update – Oct 6th

  • Increased Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle damage by 50%.
    • This weapon was often passed up because of its lower damage. This increase will put it closer in line with its intended effectiveness.
  • Decreased Scoped Assault Rifle damage by 33%.
    • This weapon was too effective at its current role and needed to be scaled back slightly.
  • Decreased Grenade, Grenade Launcher, and Rocket Launcher environmental damage to 375 (was 450).
    • Metal forts will now require two explosive blasts (instead of one). Late-game bases are too easily destroyed and we want to promote building diversity.
  • Increased Rocket Launcher reload time by 20%.
    • It’s a little too easy to spam rockets. We want the Rocket Launcher to be a powerful weapon, but it’s a little too good right now.
  • Increased Submachine Gun damage by 10%.
    • The Submachine Gun is underperforming at close to medium range combat. This damage increase will improve its effectiveness slightly. We’ll continue to keep an eye on it.

In other Fortnite Battle Royale news, Epic Games has confirmed that account progression will be happening in the game soon. For those who can’t get enough battle royale action, check out our latest video where we list down the five things Fortnite can learn from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrrounds.