Fortnite Update Adds Horde Mode, Fixes for Battle Royale and Lots of New Stuff

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With Epic Games putting the Fortnite servers to sleep for an hour earlier today for Fortnite’s upcoming Horde Bash game update, players might have expected a hefty patch to hit soon. Well, as it turns out, they were right! Fortnite update 1.21 is now out!

Clocking in at 1.5GB on the PlayStation 4 version, the latest Fortnite patch brings in a ton of new content for both Save the World and Battle Royale. You can check out the complete patch notes below (via EpicGames).


  • Challenge the Horde
    • Construct Your Fort
      • Enter the Staging Area and build your Portable Horde Fort.
        • Use your custom fort in all Challenge the Horde adventures.
        • Your fort carries over to each new mission!
      • Gather wood, stone, metal and traps for your base from the new Horde mode skill tree.
    • Bring It Into Battle!
      • When your squad is prepared, proceed to the combat zone and face off against hordes of husks!
      • Each zone includes 3-5 challenges, each with increased difficulty.
      • The final hex hosts especially tough challenges for veteran players.
      • Each challenge pits you and your squad up against 10 waves of enemies.
      • Gameplay modifiers are introduced as the waves progress, increasing the difficulty of your foes in a variety of dastardly ways.
        • Certain waves throw a large number of a certain enemy type at you. How many Lobbers, Sploders, or Smashers can your fort handle?
    • Earn skill points to unlock additional resources.
      • Harvesting is disabled in Challenge the Horde zones.
      • Resources are granted at the start of combat, and at the end of each successfully completed combat wave
        • Use these resources to craft weapons, place traps, and expand or repair your fortifications.
      • Nodes in the Horde skill tree increase the amount of wood, stone, metal, trap crafting ingredients, weapon crafting ingredients, and ammo dropped each wave.
    • Every member of the team can bring one Defender, and will start the Challenge with a few free Defender posts.
  • Scavenger Tickets
    • Players can receive Scavenger Tickets and Horde Skill Points upon successfully completing Horde Challenges.
      • Up to six times every 24 hours.
    • Quests grant additional Scavenger Tickets the first time you complete all of the Challenges in each zone.
  • Event Quests / Rewards
    • The new Scavenger Llama in the store holds four new Heroes, and nine new Weapons.
      • Earn the Scavenger currency by completing quests and playing in Horde Bash events.
    • 25+ Quests that allow you to progress through the Challenge the Horde event. These quests include rewards that range from Scavenger Tickets to Legendary Items!
      • Complete the third Challenge in the 15 power Horde zone to earn a choice of Epic Melee or Ranged Scavenger Weapon Schematic.
      • If you and your squad manage to complete the 5th tier in a 70 power zone, you will be rewarded with a Legendary Scavenger Hero of your choice.
    • 20+ Scavenger Quests with rewards that range from Scavenger tickets to a few high-value items!
      • Complete the “Mission Alert!” Quests to earn one Epic Scavenger Hero.
      • Need a Legendary Defender? Complete the quest “Die, Husks, Die! – Stage 8” to earn one!
  • New Repeatable Event Quests
    • Perpetual Storms will award a choice of upgrade ingredients.


  • Introducing four new Scavenger Heroes with several new, never-before-seen perks.
    • Raider Soldier – Close-range combatant with Shockwave and shotgun perks.
    • Gunblazer Outlander – Pistol-packing Outlander adept at scrounging up ammo.
    • Machinist Constructor – Uses the B.A.S.E. to supercharge traps.
    • Energy Thief Ninja – Generates energy by striking foes in melee combat.
  • Limited-time “Mission Alert!” quests reward one Epic Scavenger hero of each class
    • Earned by completing mission alerts (in Horde or the normal theaters) while using a hero of the specified class.
  • All of these new heroes are also available in the Scavenger Llama pack.


  • Nine new weapons introduced with the Scavenger Weapon set. These weapons are much cheaper to craft than usual, but have somewhat reduced durability.


  • Two new Defenders to help protect your fort! Recruit them and get them on the front line, Commander!
  • Each defender can be earned by completing event quests, and found in all the usual Llama packs, (upgrade llama, people llama, etc) even after the event ends.


  • Players can now grab pickups through open windows and other openings.
  • Fixed an issue where textures would pop in and out from certain distances.
  • Revival progress is now shown in the UI for the entire team.
    • A large progress indicator now displays while being revived.
  • The death log will now show teammates color correctly.
  • Tweaks to slotted inventory item look.
  • The continue / back buttons on the death and win screens will now say “Return to Lobby.”



  • There is a chance that a player can spawn into a zone with no pickaxe.
  • Husks sometimes spawn in unreachable locations during Encampment encounters.
  • Purchasing the Weapon Transformation node does not unlock Transforming in the Armory.
  • Global chat shows a “Joining general chat” message to players who have communications blocked.


  • The Scavenger Choice Llama is now available in the Loot tab for a limited time.
    • The Scavenger Choice Llama guarantees a choice reward for new Scavenger Weapons and Heroes.
    • The cost to purchase a Scavenger Choice Llama is 1000 Scavenger Tickets.
      • Scavenger Tickets can be earned by completing limited time Event Quests or Challenge the Horde content.
    • Added new Scavenger Items to Collection Book
  • Scavenger Weapon Set is now available
    • Scavenger Launcher will launch a unique trash ball as it’s projectile
  • Updated Daily Quest Objective counts for the following:
    • Daily Destroy (TVs) – increase required number to 20
    • Daily Destroy (Propane Tanks) – increase required number to 10
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Wall Dynamo trap not to damage Husks.
    • Husks will now consistently take damage in the trap’s range.
  • Triple Tap sniper rifle now uses medium bullets (instead from heavy bullets)
  • Slightly boosted the jump height bonus of the Praying Mantis perk.
  • Updated all Canny Valley and Twine Peaks Quests that had a singular objective of “Complete ‘X’ missions”
    • Now requires players to complete any of a choice of 3 missions.
      • For example: Old Objective: Complete 3 missions in a 40+ zone New Objective: Complete 3 Retrieve the Data, Fight Category 3 Storm, or Ride The Lightning missions in a 40+ zone.
      • Players can choose any of these missions and must complete a total of 3 missions to fulfill the Quest.
  • Fixed an issue where Tier 3 Hydraulic Sniper Rifles would not evolve to Tier 4 Crystal Hydraulic Sniper Rifles.
  • These weapons will evolve normally now.
  • Fixed a bug which caused players to instantly teleport to a Teleport pad when moving it.
  • Fixed an issue that caused weapons which stacked (bottle rockets, etc) not to auto-equip a different weapon once the stack was depleted.
  • Fixed the Shock Phase tactical perk to correctly limit stacking.
    • Currently the perk was giving much more than the intended bonus. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed an evolution issue for the Tier 4 Crystal Maverick shotgun, and all tiers of the Bandit shotgun.
    • These weapons will now evolve normally.
  • Fixed an issue where Mimics would immediately despawn after being activated.
    • Now players should have no issues with Mimics disappearing with their loot.  
  • Added a unique new animation for the Hydraulic Hammer’s secondary attack


  • New Outlander: Gunblazer Southie
    • Set Phasers to Kill: Increases pistol damage after Phase Shift ends.
    • Extended Magazine: Increases pistol ammo capacity.
    • Static Cling: Shock Tower afflicts targets, dealing periodic damage
    • Llocked and Lloaded [Perk and Tactical]: Llama Fragment drops ammo.
    • Bullet Bonanza [Support]: Chance to find double ammo when looting containers.
  • New Soldier: Raider Headhunter
    • Shell Shock: Increased shotgun damage
    • Critical Blast: Increased shotgun critical damage
    • I Love to Reload: Movement speed boost for a time after reload
    • Adjustable Choke [Support]: Increased shotgun critical chance
  • New Ninja: Energy Thief Mari
    • Vigorous Blade: Gains energy every 4 sword strikes
    • Rebound: Crescent Kick grants energy per enemy struck
    • Vigorous Strikes [Tactical]: Gains energy every 4 melee strikes
  • New Constructor: Machinist Harper
    • Supercharged Traps: BASE increases trap damage
    • Overclocked Traps: BASE increases trap reload speed
    • Tough Traps [Perk and Support]: All traps crafted by party are more durable
  • All missing hats for heroes (rarity) rare and above have been added, as well as all missing backpacks for Epic rarity and above.
  • Created new male Sniper Defender, and female Shotgun Defender.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Charged Fist ability to not apply the full 200% damage bonus.
  • Anti-Material charge will now apply the full bonus damage when “Long Arm of the Law” is unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Outlander’s Anti-Material charge to stop abruptly when traveling.
  • Now the Ability will go the expected distance.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bull Rush animation would continue to play after being knocked down if the player activated Bull Rush just before getting knocked down.
  • After using the Air Strike gadget, a weapon will now automatically be equipped.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Anti-Material Charge ability to cancel itself if used without being fully charged.
    • This issue occurred when the Charged Fist perk was equipped.
  • Corrected the stamina cost for the Grenade Cost perk.
    • Using the Frag Grenade ability with the Grenade Cost perk now costs 15 stamina.
  • Fixed an issue where throwing stars were going through Husks without doing any damage.
    • Throwing stars will now damage enemies regardless of angle or distance thrown.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing stuttering while double jumping as the Ninja.
    • Players should now be able to jump around without issue.
  • Slightly boosted the jump height bonus of the Praying Mantis perk.
    • The Praying Mantis perk’s jump bonus didn’t feel like it made enough of a difference. The perk should feel much better now.
  • Flashbang tactical perk description clarified.
    • Frag Grenades now do increased impact damage. When impact limit is reached, enemies are stunned for 2.5 seconds, instead of being knocked back.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Bull Rush to be able to hit player’s Defenders.
    • Bull Rush will no longer damage defenders.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Wings of the Dragon perk to stop short.
    • Any Ninja that has this perk equipped will now travel the full distance.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing players to be unable to find Objective B in “Deliver the Bomb” missions.
    • Players should now have no problem finding the objectives.


  • Fixed an issue where the lobby timer would briefly show an incorrect time.
  • Fixed a description typo for the Enforcer Grizzly hero.
  • Clients properly return to the mission select screen when a server timeout occurs while connected to the lobby
  • Improved navigation on the Quest menu when using a controller.
    • Occasionally when switching between menus controller input would be delayed, that is now fixed.
  • Fixed a number of instances of cut off text.
  • Performed many performance fixes in the UI allowing smoother and faster navigation on menu screens.
  • Fixed a rare bug which caused the UI to not display certain components after rejoining a zone in progress.
  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting caused the player to receive a level 1 chest regardless of what chest should have been earned.
    • Now the player will receive the correct rewards even after disconnection.
  • Prevent possible instability if user clicks LAUNCH button in the lobby too many times.
  • Corrected the Faster Exit perk tooltip description to more accurately explain its effects.
  • Fixed an issue where cards would not display the correct color rarity.  
  • New background art on Skill Tree pages.


  • The Horde mode combat map is using a new animated 3D Volumetric Fog technique
    • This tech will add a fog layer to the ground and concave areas of the level without hindering visibility
  • Baseball bats now have a custom alternate swing animation.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the muzzle flash to endlessly loop after firing the Trooper Assault Rifle with alterations.
  • Improved a variety of ranged and melee weapon visual effects.
  • Performed a quality pass on all elemental ranged and melee weapons to have better fitting visual effects.
  • Beehive Husk visual effects have had it’s opacity turned down to improve visibility in bee swarms.
  • Hydraulic Sniper and Shotgun icons are now higher resolution.
  • Added new FX for the Ricochet and Tank modifiers for Horde Bash event
  • Deep water and Lakes have new details added in the water.
  • Water reflections have been improved
  • Replaced an old tree model with higher quality art in the onboarding level.
  • Added more visual variety of survivors that can be saved in the world


  • Hawk and Bull join the conversation with new VO.


  • Players will no longer default to English global chat rooms when failing to find a room available for their language.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if shutting down immediately after logging in.
  • Faster response to server timeouts when connecting to the server lobby.
  • Improved client and server stability related to outages with various backend services.
  • Fixed a rare issue where party members wouldn’t join a server with the party leader.
  • Improved dedicated server stability by retrying cloud save operations if they fail.
  • Fixed a rare crash while matchmaking.


  • Viewing a Twitch stream and being awarded a viewer quest, and then not logging in for a month could prevent players from logging in.
    • This issue is now fixed.
  • Added ability for console users that are not actively playing game to accept invites from other players.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t apply Fullscreen mode.
    • Now when selecting the Fullscreen option, the setting should apply correctly.
  • V-Bucks earned from playing Fortnite are now spendable on all platforms.
    • Purchased V-Bucks continue to be only available on the platform purchased.
  • Fixed several client and server crash conditions.
  • Fixed a few localization issues.


  • The “Backspace” key can now be bound in player input on PC.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t view all available banner categories on PC.
    • Players will now be able to change their banner at will.
  • Changed minimum macOS requirement for Fortnite to 10.12.6.
    • This should help prevent some crashes that players were experiencing.
  • Fixed a crash during shutdown on PC if the player was mid-purchase of real-money products.


Fixed an issue where Xbox emoji’s were breaking chat rooms.

I told you it was a big update. In other Fortnite news, Epic announced yesterday that the game has now surpassed over seven million players, which is crazy if you think about it.