Fortnite Update 2.56 Released, Here’s What’s in v11.50.1

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Following last week’s Fortnite patch, Epic Games has released Fortnite update 2.56 and it’s out on almost all platforms, though Xbox One, and iOS players got it first. This is called the Fortnite v11.50.1 patch, but console gamers will see this as Fortnite update 2.56.

Thankfully, there’s no guesswork here as we know exactly what’s in Fortnite update 2.56 and they are for bug fixes that affect gameplay, though it also adds major stability improvements for Xbox One gamers too.

Here’s what we know based on the Fortnite Status Twitter:

We’ve released patch v11.50.1 on Xbox One and iOS to address stability. 

As this patch also contains the fix for Weak Point harvesting hits not always registering, it will be released on PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and Android as well.

As of this writing, PC players have not gotten the Fortnite patch v11.50.1 just yet, but we’re expecting it to be available within the day.

Of course, there’s a chance that this patch includes other gameplay changes, though we can’t be certain since the Trello board hasn’t been given an update. If you spot any changes, let us know via email or comment down below, and we’ll update the post and credit you for the find.

Hopefully, we’ll get a more meatier patch for Fortnite next week once the Chapter 2 Season 2 content is rolled out.