Fortnite Update 2.66 Rolled Out

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Epic Games has released what it calls a “maintenance patch” for Fortnite which has been deployed now, at the start of the game’s 2 a.m. ET maintenance period. While there’s no patch notes or list of fixes just yet. here’s what we know that’s in Fortnite update 2.66.

Clocking in at 1GB on PS4, here’s what we know of today’s Fortnite patch based off of reliable data miners.

Fortnite update 2.66 changes and info:

something got added: a new sort of LTM. “Now Playing” ”Just want to Risky & Chill? Hang out in Now Playing to catch the hourly screenings of Punk’d. Top of the hour, every hour.”

Yes, that seems to be the TV show Punk’d from over a decade ago. Aside from that, there seems to be a countdown of sorts added as well.

So the lobby got updated, and im ”ALMOST” sure that they added something of a countdown. Could be wrong… lets see when the servers are back up.

Other than that, it seems nothing substantial has been added for the update, which is kind of expected given this is a maintenance patch. Another Fortnite dataminer, also shared that they weren’t any new skins of the sort using a script.

If there are any gameplay fixes and whatnot that’s shared by Epic Games, we’ll be sure to update the post. We’ll be on the lookout for it within the day.