Fortnite Beats PUBG in Monthly Revenue With $126 Million in Sales for February

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Are we seeing a changing of the guard when it comes to which game is the most popular one out there right now when it comes to Fortnite vs PUBG?? Not only are celebs playing Fortnite, but just last month, Fortnite raked in even more money than PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds!

Just in microtransactions and in-app purchases alone, Fortnite brought in a staggering $126 million to Epic’s bank account in February 2018 alone! This is the first time Fortnite managed to out-perform PUBG when it comes to monthly revenue. According to research firm SuperData, PUBG earned $103 million in February, which is still a very impressive figure, but the game seems to be on a downward trend compared to Fortnite’s unstoppable success.

Of course, given Fortnite is a free-to-play game, and PUBG is a $30 product has something to do with it. Or maybe  the fact that Fortnite is out on the PS4 (as well as PC and Xbox One), while PUBG can only be played on capable PCs and on the Xbox One had something to do with it too.

SuperData also attributes Fortnite’s success to its cartoony graphics and easier learning curve as some of the advantages it has against PUBG. Does this signal the start of the end for PUBG? Probably not, but it might need to concede to Fortnite’s might at this point as the most popular battle royale game. Heck, PUBG’s latest event mode is eerily similar to Fortnite, which I don’t think is a coincidence.

Source: SuperData via The Verge