Franchise Narrative Director Wants to Know Battlefield 2042 Roadmap Too, Wants to Make Things Right

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 Stealth Changes

If you’re looking forward to the Battlefield 2042 roadmap, you’re not alone. However, it seems that even the franchise’s new Narrative Director doesn’t know it, which is a bit odd (and concerning).

Over on Twitter, Battlefield franchise Narrative Director Marcus Lehto went on to engage with the community before taking a vacation (and going dark on Twitter). One of the things Lehto was asked about was the Battlefield 2042 roadmap, which he confirmed he “genuinely” wants to know as well, and will be “pressing hard” to get answers.


When pressed by one fan if Lehto’s engagement with the community is not yet another “acting in vein” (vain), Lehto assured the fan that he is not, and will do his damndest to make things right.

In case you missed it, just a few days ago, Lehto publicly acknowledged that fixing Battlefield 2042 won’t be easy, but EA and DICE’s willingness to do so is there. Hopefully, we’ll see more of this kind of transparency from the devs soon. That said, it is a bit worrying that one of the franchise’s top devs doesn’t even know the BF2042 roadmap — regardless if he was involved in developing the game or not.

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3 thoughts on “Franchise Narrative Director Wants to Know Battlefield 2042 Roadmap Too, Wants to Make Things Right

  1. I can see why a roadmap might be difficult to produce at the moment when everyone is on damage control putting out fires. Shouldn’t be to long before they will be able to change hats and become bridge builders and lay the ground work for a a good roadmap.

  2. He wants to make things right you say? Where are the Battle Walkers? Where Titans? Where are the anti vehicle turrets? There’s more content in Battlefield 2142 than this terrible game they released too early.

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