Free Call of Duty: WWII PS4 Avatar for Completing a Super Easy Mission

call of duty ww2 triple xp

If you missed it, we posted a way for gamers to get a free Call of Duty: WWII dynamic PlayStation 4 theme yesterday. Well, today, there’s more. The page has a new “mission” that will get you a free COD: WWII PS4 avatar upon completion!

All you have to do is click on “Quests,” which will then direct you to today’s mission which is to watch the “Squads” COD: WWII trailer that pops up. Upon completion (it took me at least three times of watching it to finally work), you’ll get a code which you can redeem on the PSN Store for a new COD:WWII avatar. Note that same as yesterday’s, this is for NA (R1) PS4 accounts only. But if you want to get it, go create a US account and follow the steps, and then revert back to your original account once you’ve redeemed the key. 

If you’re curious what it looks like, well, here you go:

free call of duty ww2 ps4 avatar

If my hunch is correct, it seems we’ll be getting daily missions with daily rewards until launch. If so, we’ll be sure to report on it if and when it happens. 

You can also check out how big the COD: WWII PS4 file size is if you’re planning on going digital. Thre’s also the COD: WWII Trophies/Achievements list which does contain spoilers.

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