Star Wars Battlefront II Early Access Beta Codes – Here’s How to Get One Without Pre-Ordering

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While the Star Wars Battlefront II beta is currently on-going as we speak, it’s for those who pre-ordered or got a key from EA directly. Now, for those who don’t want to wait until the beta becomes open tomorrow, October 6, there’s a way! 

Over on Reddit, user DerTagestinker, outlined how you can get a free Star Wars Battlefront II beta code without pre-ordering or paying for it. Note that by listing down the instructions, MP1st does not condone or endorse how it’s done.

  • Go here, this is the EA support ticket request screen.
  • Click PS4, or whatever platform you want it on.
  • Click “Codes and promotions”
  • Click “Invalid code”
  • It’ll ask you to type the error message in the screen. You can type whatever you want, but you might as well make it something like, “My code did not work and I preordered the game.”
  • Choose your region.
  • A pop-up will ask you to log into your EA account. After you do that, it’ll ask you to write a message to go with your support ticket. Make sure your email address is correct and write out the same message as before, i.e. “My code did not work and pineapple on pizza is a sin.”
  • Submit it
  • Wait approximately 10 seconds
  • Check your email, you will receive two emails in succession, one for opening a support ticket and then one with the code.
  • Viola!
  • EDIT: I can’t help too much with the spinning wheel of death, just start over from the beginning by clicking “CONTACT US” at the top of the EA website.

Speaking of the Battlefront II beta, don’t forget to check out our video overviews of the Heroes available in the beta, as well as the weapons and skills for the four classes.

Keep it locked in here on MP1st for more Star Wars Battlefront II beta coverage.

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