Horizon Zero Dawn Had “Functional” Multiplayer at One Point

Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.54

Horizon Zero Dawn multiplayer almost made it in, and it even worked!

For those who own a PlayStation 4, chances are you’ve played one of last year’s best games in Horizon Zero Dawn. While the game is a massive, single-player experience that needs to be experienced by every gamer out there, did you know Guerrilla Games had working co-op multiplayer during development?

In a video chat with Noclip, Horizon Zero Dawn Director Mathijs de Jonge revealed that Horizon Zero Dawn multiplayer was almost a thing, as the game had “functional” co-op between two players before it was pulled.

[W]e haven’t got that [in the final version] because the programmers basically said that if we wanted to have co-op, we would also have 50% of the features we had been asking for and not 100%. With Horizon: Zero Dawn being the first game [in the franchise], we wanted 100%, so we dropped co-op in favor of that.

Well, it seems Guerrilla Games made the right call, no? Of course, don’t be surprised if Horizon’s inevitable sequel gets co-op or some sort of multiplayer; this is Guerrilla Games after all, and they’re not stranger to multiplayer as evidenced by the Killzone franchise.

Would you have wanted Horizon Zero Dawn to have multiplayer? Or did Guerrilla Games made the right call? Let s know your thoughts in the comments.

If you want some multiplayer with a little bit of Horizon in it, don’t forget that Monster Hunter World has Horizon-themed content out for the game, with the upcoming one letting you look like game protagonist, Aloy.

Source: Noclip (YouTube) via Twinfinite

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