New Monster Hunter World Horizon Zero World Event Called “The Proving” Lets You Be Aloy

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New Monster Hunter World Horizon Zero Dawn event set to hit soon!

While Sony and Capcom have already teamed up for a Monster Hunter World and Horizon Zero Dawn crossover that’s out now for your Palico companion, it seems that’s not the last we’ll see of the two games’ content crossing over.

Over on Twitter, Capcom has announced “The Proving” which will be a new Monster Hunter World PS4 event that’s tied to Horizon Zero Dawn! The event will start this February 28, and players will need to be Hunter Rank 11 to take part in it.

Players will need to take down an Anjanath to get the Horizon Zero Dawn hunter gear. As one can expect, this event is exclusive to the PS4 version of Monster Hunter World. What do you get for completing the task? It’s a full armor set will alter your appearance, and can be worn by both male and female hunters!

Those familiar with Horizon Zero Dawn, The Proving is an in-game event in the game’s story that involves the game’s heroine Aloy. I won’t talk about it anymore to avoid spoilers, but it’s something that happens relatively early on in the action game.

If you’re curious what other content is set to drop for Monster Hunter World, check out this quick guide on the latest DLC confirmed to hit the game, and yes, it includes other cross-game mashups.