Monster Hunter World DLC Plans – What We Know So Far

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Monster Hunter World DLC plans have been confirmed already, and here’s some of ’em!

While Monster Hunter World has been out for less than a month, some players might already be looking into the Monster Hunter World DLC plans Capcom is cooking up for the action game.

Fortunately, we know some of the stuff coming down the pipeline since Capcom themselves have talked about it Firstly, players shouldn’t expect pay-to-win microtransactions to be inserted anytime soon, as the game’s produce thinks it creates “friction.”

So, what should players expect for Monster Hunter World DLC plans? For starters, there’s the upcoming Street Fighter V mashup, which sees a Ryu skin (complete with hadoken!) being made available. Fan-fave monster “Deviljho” has also been confirmed to be making its way post-launch, which might be part of Capcom’s “free monsters” DLC plans it talked about last month.

If Ryu isn’t good enough for you when it comes to character skins, there’s one starring everyone’s blue bomber, Mega Man as well. Finally, Capcom has already proven that they’re ready and able to support the game with multiple game patches as it needs it.

Will the game have paid DLC? Given the success its currently reaping, I’d be surprised if it didn’t. Once we get official word out from Capcom, we’ll be sure to let our Monster Hunter World readers know.

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