Monster Hunter World Mantles – How to Get Them All

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Monster Hunter World armor isn’t the only defense in the game you need to think about.

In Monster Hunter World, a lot of fights boil down to what armor you’re wearing, and what weapon you’re currently using. However, there’s a hidden game-changer that lies within, and these are the mantles! Those not familiar with the equipment, think of it as Monster Hunter World armor, but instead of giving you added defense, it has a few other things that protect you from.

You can check out the super quick list below to see how to get all the Monster Hunter World mantles, and what they do.

Apothecary Mantle

Use: Increases status accumulation for a short time.

Unlock: To earn this mantle, players need to fully research 10 monsters. Armory lady will then give you a quest.

Immunity Mantle

Use: Removes & Nullifies abnormal status effects for the duration of the mantle

Unlock: To earn this mantle, players need to fully research 15 monsters. Same as above.

 Impact Mantle

Use: Adds exhaust/stun to attacks, and improves weapons that already exhaust/stun.

Unlock: Players need to hunt five unique threat level 1 tempered monsters (Pukei, Anja, Tobi, Barroth, Rathian, Radobaan, Paolumu, etc) to unlock this mantle.

Evasion Mantle

Use: Increases evasion window, grants increased attack when evading at the last second.

Unlock: Players need to hunt seven unique tempered threat level 2 monsters (Bazel, Rathalos, Odogaron, Diablos, Black Diablos, Legiana, Urugaan, etc) to unlock this one.

Rocksteady Mantle

Use: Provides HG earplugs, tremor/wind res, prevents flinching.

Unlock: Players need to hunt three Unique tempered elder dragons to unlock this one.

Ghillie Mantle

How To Unlock: The first mantle you unlock. Automatically unlocked in the story.

Ability: The Ghillie Mantle turns your hunter invisible. Enemies will not attack while the mantle is active, but attacking or taking damage will remove the effect.

 Glider Mantle

How To Unlock: The second mantle you unlock. Earned after completing the first assignment in the Coral Highland.

Ability: Allows you to glide while jumping, or to ride air-currents. Makes mounting large monsters much easier.

Challenger Mantle

How To Unlock: Complete ‘The Red and Blue Crew’ quest.

Ability: Draws aggro from monsters, making them target you more often. The effect is removed after taking damage.

Vitality Mantle

How To Unlock: (it’s from a low rank mission. Please advise me what mission it is so I can update you with accurate information.)

Ability: Makes your hunter invulnerable for a period of time. Effect wears off when time expires and or damaged by a very powerful attack that exceeds it’s limit.

Bandit Mantle

How To Unlock: Complete the Level 5 ‘Redefining the Power Couple’ quest.

Ability: Damage threshold on monsters drop ‘trade in’ material only for more zenny (money). Better to farm elder dragons to get the most money. If you see gold shards on the ground, it’s from the bandit mantle.

Fireproof Mantle

How To Unlock: Complete ‘A fiery Convergence.’

Ability: Improves fire element resistance and makes you immune to fireblight.

Iceproof Mantle

How To Unlock: Complete the ‘Armory R&D: Weatherizing’ bounty.

Ability: Improves ice element resistance and makes you immune to iceblight.

Waterproof Mantle

How To Unlock: Complete the ‘Armory R&D: Waterproofing’ bounty.

Ability: Improves water element resistance and makes you immune to waterblight. Allows you to move faster in swamps and high water.

 Thunderproof Mantle

How To Unlock: Complete the Level 5 ‘Gone in a Flash’ quest. (This quest is a hidden gem, you need to do the capture missions on the optionals. Soon you will get a quest from the “impatient Biologist” to hunt down and kill Kirin the Elder Dragon)

Ability: Improves thunder element resistance and makes you immune to thunderblight / paralyzing shocks.

There you go! If you need more help, don’t forget to check out this Monster Hunter World weakness chart to know what weapons and elements to use against enemies! Make sure to give our review a go too, to see why we gave it a glowing 9.5/10!

Source: Midice (Reddit)

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