Monster Hunter World Weakness Chart Makes It Easy to See Weakness and Resistances

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Monster Hunter World Weakness Chart Will Help You Out!

If there’s one thing players will be doing a lot of in Monster Hunter World, it’s going to be hunting down and slaying monsters (hence the title). While it might seem easy at the first part of the game, a world of hurt will be making its way to you if you don’t know the weaknesses of certain monsters at the later parts of the game.

Well, thankfully, Reddit user azuraith4, you can now check every monster’s weakness, and resistance all in one go!

It’s definitely easier to check this list than having to load up a site or video every time, no? Of course knowing the weakness and resistances aren’t enough, you have to craft the appropriate weapons and armors, and have the necessary skills to take down each too.

In other Monster Hunter World news, there’s a new game update that rolled out earlier today, which you should check out to see what changed. If you still haven’t picked the game up, make sure to read up on our review and see why we say”Monster Hunter World is one monster you’ll want to take home and nurture.”

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