Monster Hunter: World DLC Will Include Free Updates With New Monsters

Monster Hunter: World is already shaping up to be a fun game, and is sure to kick 2018 with a bang when it releases on January 26. As for what’s planned after the launch, game creator Ryozo Tsujimoto has given us a taste of post-launch support.

Speaking with Famitsu, Tsujimoto confirmed that there would post-launch updates that feature new monsters, amongst other things.

Famitsu: In the stream you announced that there will be post-release free update patches, but what kind of features will be added there?

Tsujimoto: In Monster Hunter: World, we’re thinking about free update patches after release. Speaking in a tangible way, we plan to add new monsters among others, so we hope the game will become playable in a long term. Regarding which monsters will be added, we will inform that later so please look forward to it.

So if players manage to slay all of the monsters in the base game, they’ll have more to look forward to in future updates. Sounds good to me!

In other Monster Hunter: World news, the beta is now available to download and play, a bizarre collaboration with Mega Man results in some wacky content, and a recent update allows for headgear to be hidden.

Source: Famitsu via @bk2128 (Twitter)

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