Gamer Manages to Get an Anthem Refund Even After Playing It, Cites False Advertising & Fraud as Reasons


By now, it’s no secret that Anthem hasn’t had the best launch and player feedback that BioWare would have hoped for. Not only has there been issues regarding bugs, but even integral stuff like loot are still not fixed to where the player base wants it to.

In addition to that, BioWare’s own roadmap for the game hasn’t been fulfilled (here’s the studio’s explanation about that), and this was the final straw for one gamer, who asked for an Anthem refund on Amazon, and surprisingly, got it! Over on the Anthem subreddit, user lastKryptonian1991 posted his experience on how he got an Anthem refund on Amazon for the full purchase price, and he cited false advertising and fraud regarding the roadmap as causes.

First of all, I’d like to give some background to this.

I’ve been a massive supporter of Bioware and its games since I can remember. Even with the recent news and bad rep that EA built for itself, I was gonna support Anthem based on what it looked like a very open collective effort on making a great game.

BUT, given the recent events we are all aware of, my fading interest in playing Anthem completely turned in anger.

See, I work hard for my money. I work in a comic book store, and although I love it, is not a job that allows you to spend your money eyes closed. I’m sure many of you can relate.

And frankly, I don’t see why I am not entitled to get my money back on a product that was wrongly advertised. Because that’s what happen, and I think what people need to realise is that this is no small matter, what Bioware and ultimately EA did is illegal.

They advertised the product with an attached roadmap and now that “promise” as been broken. You can make any argument about the state of the game, but you CAN’T deny this specific point.

So I was quite ready to fight for my money, but was pleasantly surprised with the Amazon customer service, because they clearly knew what’s up.

I got a FULL refund just yesterday Apr 30th and I am shipping the game back today. That’s right. And I urge people that are not happy with the game to refund it no matter how long you played it, because what these companies have done is, without a doubt, fraud.

You can read the full transcript with the Amazon employee right here. Given the Reddit thread is now at over 2,700 upvotes already, I suspect more players will be trying this out themselves.

Do you think the gamer was right for asking for a refund even after he’s played countless hours? For those who bought Anthem, will you ask for a refund for the game too if you can?

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