Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO: Don’t Worry About Games as a Service, PlayStation Vision “Totally Different” (Update)


Well, it seems we spoke too soon! The John Kodera Twitter account was a fake, despite being followed by legit PlayStation employees. The account is now suspended, thankfully!

Thanks, Gematsu!

Original Story:

With more and more games jumping in the “Games as a service” (Gaas) bandwagon due to the increase revenue it brings, some people might be wondering what will happen to standalone, deep, experiences.

If you’re one of the many that don’t want every game they play to be some kind of service, Sony has you covered. Over on Twitter, John (Tsuyoshi) Kodera, the newly appointed CEO and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment (Sony’s PlayStation division), told a fan that the PlayStation brand’s “vision” is “totally different” from the GaaS business model.

This is definitely good news. While most of us here on MP1st play a lot of multiplayer games, we’re still big fans of rich, narrative-driven single-player experiences. And unless you shoehorn some type of loot box mechanic into these types of games, they don’t necessarily fit the GaaS revenue stream.

Are you happy with Kodera’s statement or should he get with the program and find a way to make Sony’s games lineup be involved in the GaaS mode to prolong their longevity?

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