Gearbox Teasing Something for March 28 and It’s Seems Like It’s for Borderlands 3

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Just two weeks ago, we mentioned how Gearbox Software (Aliens: Colonial Marines, Battleborn) has seemingly teased a Borderlands 3 reveal/announcement at PAX East. Well, if thought that was for Borderlands 3 rather than for Battleborn 2, I wouldn’t blame you.

Now, though, the studio seems to be dropping the hints as the Gearbox official Twitter dropped a tweet that really, really seems like it’s connected to Borderlands 3.

As you can see, the date of March 28 is the same date where the studio will supposedly show “never-before-seen” reveals. And if you check the “Exit” sign of the image in the upper right corner, it clearly shows a “3” there, which could totally be random, but we all know it’s for Borderlands 3, right?

Given how big of a success the Borderlands franchise is for the studio, it’s time we finally get a true sequel. What do you hope to see in Borderlands 3 aside from a ton of loot and crazy characters?