Gears Of War Judgement – Lost Relics DLC Outed By Epic Games, Features New Maps And Game Modes

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Good news for Gear fans! Shortly after the latest Gears Of War: Judgement DLC, Dreadnought, hit the Xbox Live marketplace free of charge, thanks to the folks over at Maxim, we learn more about Judgment’s next DLC.

Epic Games has released everything you need to know about it, from the maps and game modes it’ll include, to the map layouts and more. Check out the details below:

Gears Of War Lost Relics Details

  • Will release sometime in June, and will include four maps ( Checkout, Lost City, Museum, Ward)
  • Contain new armor and new weapon skins
  • A new single objective type gametype, called Breakthrough. That features two teams with very distinct roles: one team has possession of a flag that they must deliver to a set location; the opposing team has a purely defensive role and unlimited resources. The attacking team must break through the enemy team’s defensive line and deliver the flag before their pool of lives run out.

In addition, Epic Games also released an overview of each of the maps. You can see it below:





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