Gears Of War: Judgment – An In-Depth Look at the New Overrun Game Mode and Classes

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Gears of War: Judgment, People Can Fly and Epic Games’ newest addition to the Gears of War franchise, gets some brand new multiplayer footage.

This video of the upcoming Xbox 360-exclusive third-person shooter shows off the new Overrun game mode and gives us an in-depth look at their new classes feature:

[youtube id=”PbcvdCQODwc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

A brief run-down of the Overrun game type, only available in Gears of War: Judgment:

  • Overrun pits two teams of five to fight against each other over a generator in the map.
  • The Locust have to attack the generator and the COG have to defend it from the Locust.
  • In every match, you will get to play as both COG defenders and Locust attackers.
  • Each match consist of two rounds.
  • When the round is over, both teams switch sides.
  • The game is won by which ever team destroyed the generator the quickest.
  • Overrun is a class based game type, meaning that every character, regardless of  it being the COG or Locust, will have a specific specialty with a pre-set loadout and a role in this game type.
  • The Locust, unlike the COG, have to earn points in order to use different classes.
  • Every Locust player starts out as a Ticker and slowly works their way up to a Grenadier/Kantus and finally, a Mauler.

A look at what each class has to offer:

COG Faction



  • Gnasher
  • Blow Torch


  • To repair fortifications and deploy temporary Sentry guns, to help fight off the attacking Locust.



  • Lancer
  • Boomshoot


  • Able to drop a ammo crates, for their team mates can replenish on ammo.



  • Lancer
  • COG Pistol.


  • Able to throw Stim-Gas grenades at team mates that does not only replenish their health, but also revives downed team mates in it’s vicinity.



  • Sniper Rifle
  • COG Pistol


  • Able to climb to special “Sniper” only areas.
  • Throw grenades that automatically tags enemy teams in it’s vicinity. Even if they’re behind cover or a wall.
  • All tagged enemies receive extra damage from your weapons when they are tagged by the grenade.

Locust faction



  • Able to destroy fortifications.
  • Self Destruct when their near a COG player.
  • Dash.



  • Climb over fences.
  • Leap onto a Scout-only perches.
  • Stun opponents with its scream.



  • Able to throw frag grenades.
  • Armed with a Hammerburst.
  • Able to mount on a Bloodmount.



  • The Locust medic.
  • Ability to heal all near by Locust players in its vicinity with it’s healing ability.
  • Able to mount on a Bloodmount.



  • Can carry the Grenadier and Kantus players on its back.
  • Quicken the charge of it’s passengers special abilities.



  • Armored front legs makes it hard to kill.
  • Able to bypass the COG fortifications by going underneath them.



  • Attacks with its mandibles .
  • Rear up and spew poison at near-by COG players.
  • Only way to kill it is by shooting it in it’s rear end.



  • Wields a giant spinning shield and flail.
  • Shield is able to protect him from ALL incoming enemy fire.
  • The spinning shield is able to slice and dice through any COG players, instantly killing them.

You can expect Gears of War: Judgment to be released on the Xbox 360 in early 2013.

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