Get the Details on Driveclub’s Season Pass and Free DLC

Starting October 7, Driveclub developer Evolution Studios has got a nine-month-long plan in place to deliver both free and paid content to fans of the PlayStation 4-exclusive racer, including new tracks and cars.

According to Evolution in a recent blog entrypost-launch development will be influenced by what players do in the game and the feedback they share. Already in the works is an update to introduce dynamic weather and a photo mode.

Other free updates include new 11 new tracks and 9 new cars, though Driveclub’s $24.99 Season Pass will boost the car list up to an additional 38, on top of 80 new liveries and and 176 new events. If you’re curious, Evolution says Driveclub’s Season Pass will work out to a 60% savings on content that would normally cost $75.84 in total if purchased individually.

Hear’s a visual breakdown of Evolution Studios’ content delivery schedule for Driveclub, starting in October 2014 through to June 2015.


Season Pass Content

  • Car Packs – 38 Cars Includes
  • Tour Packs – 176 New Events
  • Livery Packs – 80 Unique Liveries

Free Content

  • Tracks – 11 Free New Tracks
  • Cars – 9 Free Cars

All of this is just the start,” says Evolution. “We keep saying ‘DRIVECLUB begins on October 7th 2014’ because we don’t know exactly how the game will evolve with each update until you get your hands on the game and start playing!”

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